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Dr. Renate Vanselow

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Renate Vanselow is a renowned German PhD ecophysiologist and member of the Professional Association of German Biologists. Her works up to now have been on diversity in horse pastures, a Poaceae primer for horse owners, the toxicity of grasses on horse pastures and such pastures as geographical and ecological features. In this compendium, devoted to species-rich grassland, Dr. Vanselow examines in detail, citing the latest scientific findings, the present-day problems encountered on horse pastures.

Press comment Species-rich grassland

"Her latest title achieves, often most entertainingly, no less than the easily digestible familiarisation of readers possessing little or no prior knowledge with the latest research findings while, in addition, imparting essential retrospectives into the history of the keeping and rearing of grazing animals. The book recommends itself, furthermore, not only to the equestrian community: landscape gardeners and planners can also benefit, while academics may find stimulating topics for fields of study such as the conservation of nature and resources. The work fascinates no less in furnishing an outstanding example of a non-fiction title that scintillates with the combination of profound empirical research and straightforward everyday competence."


Dr. Broder Breckling, University of Vechta, in: News of The Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, June 2020

Press comment Species-rich grassland

"The clearly structured chapters extend from

•'grassland for horse hay' and

•'seedstock over time' via

•'toxic plants and poisonous grasses' through to

•'weed infestation of pastureland'


The renowned author directs particular attention to such pressing issues as diminishing diversity and the risks for pasture farming arising from globalisation. (…) A mere glance makes clear that Dr. Vanselow has scored a bull's eye. (…) The modern layout of this specialist title, completed by data presented in tabular format, illustrative photographs and graphics, justifies anticipation of stimulating argumentation, arousing serious reflection at numerous points.


Especially worthy of mention are the nigh on exhaustive references contained in the appendix (...). The book thus meets not only the specifications of a scientifically well-founded work which will without doubt provide a rich source of quotable material; it will, in addition, make tangible contributions to the testimony of experts called upon to provide evidence in a legal context (...)"


Dr. Sascha Brückner, attorney and lecturer, University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, in: Wertermittlungsforum 03/2019

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