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Dr. Renate Vanselow

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"The book demonstrates that, as a consequence of modern pasture management systems entailing the exclusive sowing of high-performance grasses, endophytic fungi are nowadays more intensively widespread than was the case on the old, species-rich grasslands cultivated by more traditional pasture husbandry practice. Critical management to promote biodiversity has thus now become an indispensable element in maintaining animal welfare. (…) [Renate Vanselow's] latest title achieves, often most entertainingly, no less than the easily digestible familiarisation of readers possessing little or no prior knowledge with the latest research findings while, in addition, imparting essential retrospectives into the history of the keeping and rearing of grazing animals. The book recommends itself, furthermore, not only to the equine community: landscape gardeners and planners can also benefit, while academics may find stimulating topics for fields of study such as the conservation of nature and resources. The work fascinates no less in furnishing an outstanding example of a non-fiction title that scintillates with the combination of profound empirical research and straightforward everyday competence.“

Broder Breckling, University of Vechta, Ecological Society, News, June 2020

  • 264 pages
  • coloured illustration and pictures
  • bibliography, glossary, index

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